Scotland 2012

Swansea University Canoe Club was established in the 1970's and started life in a swimming pool in the back garden of one of the founders. Today it is a well established club within Swansea University's Athletics Union making use of the Wales National Pool located near the University. Confusingly, we actually use kayaks, and only use canoes occasionally!

Swansea University Canoe Club is just as much of a social club as it is a Canoe Club, running regular social events and also regular River, Sea and Polo trips throughout the year along with many other non kayaking related activities... making Canoe Club the perfect all-round club to join!


The website is provided by Paddle Bubble and is administered by matt@succ.me and geraint@succ.me.




You can contact the club by email on info@succ.me or send a message to our Facebook Page, you can also join our Facebook Group. If you are having trouble logging in, contact matt@succ.me.


If you're a fresher starting at Swansea University and want to join, get in touch with us (details above), or come along to one of our pool sessions (make sure you get your Sport Swansea membership first!!), check the events section to see when the next session is! Whether it's socials or kayaking for you, it's always a giggle.

Want to Join?

You can join the club by clicking this link... Join Canoe Club. If you aren't eligible to join, check out Tawe Kayak Club.

Canoe Polo

Our polo squad train once a week in the Wales National Pool and attend several tournaments throughout the year, take a look at the Canoe Polo Page for more information.