Swansea University Canoe Club Constitution

All club members are required to follow the guidelines laid out in this Constitution. Failure to do so could result in disciplinary or even legal action. This document is intended for the use of bona fide members of the student club. Improper use or interpretation of this Constitution does not reflect the spirit in which it is presented.

A copy of the finalised and signed version of this document should be:

  1. Supplied to the Student Sports Development Manager (hard copy and e-copy)
  2. Displayed on the clubs website
  3. Distributed to all Club Committee members (on request)
  4. Supplied to any individual involved in coaching / instruction.

1. Name and Introduction

The full title of the Club will be: Swansea University Canoe Club (SUCC).

The club shall be affiliated to Swansea University and the Sport Swansea Committee, and shall be administered by Sport Swansea.

The National Governing Body for this activity is:
Canoe Wales
National White Water Centre
Frongoch, Bala, Gwynedd
LL23 7NU

01678 521 199

All participants that take part in the Canoe Club activities are required to act in accordance to the Sport Swansea guidelines. Participants must affiliate to the University through the purchase of a Sport Swansea Card. This covers them for insurance (please refer to the insurance guide for further details.) Club Alumni must have Canoe Wales insurance to participate in river trips.

The first procedure for the newly elected committee will be to review its health and safety procedures prior to activities starting in the new academic year in conjunction with Sports Swansea.

2. Aims and Objectives

  • The Canoe Club will endeavour to follow a duty of care for its members and associates. It will endeavour to act reasonably to ensure its members are not unduly placed in unnecessary risk.
  • The club aims to offer whitewater kayaking, surf kayaking and competitive canoe polo as well as training and social opportunities for its members.
  • All players are welcome to join the Club and have the right to a fair trial process.
  • It aims to develop the existing skills and abilities of players as well as promoting the sport to students of the university and the local community.
  • The Club aims to foster a Club spirit, to incorporate all its members, beyond the limits of the team boundaries.
  • Clubs shall abide by the Universities current equal opportunities and environmental policy statements which shall be included in all constitutions.

3. Membership

  1. Membership of the Club shall be open to all current male/female students of Swansea University upon payment of the required subscription (NB: Sport Swansea membership is required). Membership does not guarantee a role as an active playing member.
  2. Alumni of the club are entitled to Alumni membership entitling them to all privileges associated with this membership i.e. invitations to all Canoe Club events, socials etc. See 8.5 for Alumni voting rights.
  3. Upon payment of membership fee, members agree to abide by the clubs constitution.
  4. Members are entitled to a 48 hours ‘cooling off period’ where they are entitled to a full club membership fee refund.
  5. Active paying members of the Club shall be eligible to hold office and all members shall be entitled to vote in elections within the Club. 
  6. Financial authority for the club shall be given to authorized committee members of the club at the designation of the University Sports Officer.
  7. The membership fee shall be payable immediately however some concessions may be granted in extenuating circumstances. Fees must be paid before the first fixture, failure to so will result in that individual not being eligible to play. This applies to trips away such as river/surf trips.

4. Subscription and Finance

  1. A membership fee is required from all club members. The club will set this fee at the start of each academic year and will be responsible for signing all members via Swansea University Student Union Sport sign-up facility.
  2. In addition to the membership fee all members shall pay a termly facility fee for the hire of the pool. This fee may also be paid on a per-session basis.
  3. All club finances will be processed through the Student Union Finance Office. Any proposed club expenditure will be authorised by the Club Captain and Treasurer and submitted to the Sports Officer for approval.
  4. All match Playing Fee’s (MPF’s) have to be paid by the Team Captains into the finance office before the Friday after their previous game.
  5. Any transport arranged will be done so via Sport Swansea Management. On occasions where this is not possible, the cost will be debited from the Club accounts upon invoice approval.
  6. The Club, it’s Officers, its funds, and all its activities shall be subject to the provisions of the Constitution and Regulations of Sport Swansea and Swansea University.
  7. Financial Records are maintained by the SU Finance department. Access to these funds is granted to one Club Captain and the Treasurer.


Head over to the committee page for more information.