Thomas Argue

Thomas Argue

I'll be your President from here, I'll be the one to make sure the good ship SUCC sails at all times and everyone has a sick time while that happens. Me and the rest of my lovely committee are going to make sure this year is bigger and better than all years before!

Any questions, comments, queries you may have then drop me or any of us a message, We'll be sure to get back to you!

Facebook: Thomas Argue


Ollie Giles

Ollie Giles

I'm Ollie. My job is to make sure paperwork gets done and no one dies. Always available if you need me or just fancy a chat!

Facebook: Ollie Giles


Hal Sanderson

Hal Sanderson

Having had a great first year paddling I can’t wait to be back, this time also as your club Treasurer. It’s my job to make sure you get the best kayaking for your money without the club going bankrupt. I will also be responsible for chasing up payments for trips, so make sure that’s a job I won’t need to do much this year! This year is going to be awesome with the committee having some great ideas in the works so get hyped!

Social Secretaries

Victoria & Lenny

Victoria Williams & Lenny Hellings

We may have the largest height difference than anyone else in the club, but put us together and we are your dream social sec team, ready to pass on our thorough drinking knowledge and experience. Social secs in a club are like the bread to your butter, the paddle to your boat, the queue jump to your sin! We promise legendary socials, oodles of fun shenanigans and enough alcohol to sink a battleship, all to make your uni life as fabulous as possible! Not a big drinker? Thats fine! As we also run many amazing non alcoholic socials so EVERYONE gets to have literally the best time ever! We are also your welfare officers, so if you have a problem, need to talk or have any questions about anything at uni we are here to help! (We are very friendly I promise… though maybe slightly drunk) So feel free to contact us :)

Polo Captain

Elliot Davis

Elliot Davis

My job is to help run training sessions and organise tournament with the polo sec. When I'm not playing polo you can find me in a slalom boat!

Facebook: Elliot Davis

Polo Secretary

Lauren Davies

Lauren Davies

I'm a small, mean, green, kayaking machine...well, at least on the polo pitch (you'll never find me on the river). My job is basically to help Elliot out with all his training, organisation and admin needs for polo. I do as I'm told and I'll do it well 😉. I'm always keen for polo so if you want someone to be dragged out onto the water to throw a ball around, feel free to drop me a message. As much as I am up for a party, I also like to chill and am very sociable (or needy, take your pick). If you have any needs, worries or questions about anything I am always around to chat!

River Captain

Kieran McKendrick

Kieran McKendrick

Coming Soon...

Gear Inspection and Maintenance Person (G.I.M.P.)

Dan Cirtina

Dan Cirtina

Coming Soon...


Tim Bevan

Tim Bevan

Coming Soon.

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The Committee

President: Tom

Secretary: Ollie

Treasurer: Hal

Social Secretary: Victoria & Lenny

Polo Captain: Elliot

Polo Secretary: Lauren

River Captain: Kieran

G.I.M.P.: Dan

Anti-Faff: Tim

Snail Mail

Beware it may not get collected for a while... but if you want to send us some snail mail...

Canoe Club
Sport Swansea
Fulton House
Swansea University


If you'd like to email us, the address is

Historical Canoe Club Committee

The club saw significant growth in 2016 highlighting the need for restructuring the committee, the concept of core and non core positions was introduced, the core committee are to be involved in club management meetings while the non core positions help the core positions achieve their goals.

Year President Secretary Treasurer Social Sec Polo Sec River Sec Surf Sec Non Core Positions
2016/2017 Angie James Hugo Richard Harry Daniel Callan Social Technician: Callum
Equipment Manager: Ewan
Anti-Faff: Sam
Teapot Sec: Tom
Condom Manager: Will

In 2011 it was decided that to enable the club to grow some minor reshuffling was necessary and so the two captain position were replaced with President, Vice President and River Captain.

Year President Vice President River Capt Polo Capt Surf Capt Social Secs Treasurer Equipment
2015/2016 Tom James Ewan Callan Ed K Ellie & Angie Siwan Matt F
2014/2015 Mimi / Julian Luke Matt F Ed K & Gareth Ian Callum & Kealey Siwan Ellis & Norway
2013/2014 Jack Steve Ed B & Josh Jack & Gareth Manvir & Suzanne Polish Tom
2012/2013 Ollie Ed B Barney Roma & Fran Steve & Matt E Perry Wragg
2011/2012 Hannah Liam Tom Fran Polly & Callum Ed Dave
Year Captains Vice Captain Social Secretaries Polo Captain Equipment Manager
2010/2011 Ieuan & Adam S Adam G Geraint & Hannah Matt & Owain Kev
2009/2010 Matt & James Pat Lou & Al Ally Mark W
2008/2009 Andy & Mark W Pat Tanya & Si Kerri Craig
2007/2008 Rory & Tom Stu Lottie & Ben Gareth Craig
2006/2007 Dave & Gareth Mark H Emily & Liz Geraint Rich S
2005/2006 Simon & John Geraint Jo & Ally Mark H Nic
2004/2005 Geraint & Gemma Rob Ruth & Frodo - Mark B
2003/2004 Phil T & Ian Phil B Gill & Katie - -
2002/2003 Geoff & Suze ? ? ? ?
2001/2002 Geoff & Bex Doug ? ? ?
2000/2001 Jon W & Furry Tim Lex Skippy & Clare ? Doug
1999/2000 Tim & Nev Helen ?
1998/1999 Jago & Ceri Spanna & Penny ? ?

Past positions have included Polo Captain and more some alternative positions... Flathering Coordinator, Condom Manager, Pool Manager and other such random positions. If a Flathering Coordinator has been appointed he or she should ensure that no time is wasted on Canoe Club events, or, depending on how the position is interpreted, to ensure that any wasted time is managed efficiently! The condom manager should ensure that he/she is always able to produce a condom if asked at any time on a Canoe Club event. The Pool manager should ensure that members of the Canoe Club reach their destination quickly and safely at the end of Pool Sessions, the destination being the Pub.

The Canoe Club committee are usually elected at the annual Swansea University Canoe Club meal at the end of the academic year. The elections are performed by the current club captains, this generally involves a lot of drunken confusion followed by a night out in Swansea.