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Everyone likes a holiday and we're no exception, twice a year we load up a stupid amount of gear in to vans, buses and cars and head off on a SUCC Holiday! Every year we go to Scotland for 10 days during the easter break, and after the summer exams some of you will head out to the Alps for some kayaking, climbing and relaxing in the sun.


Scotland 2016

Every year the club takes a trip up to Scotland in the first week of the Easter break to take advantage of the excellent range of rivers & lochs for all abilities. The trip is normally 10 days, with the first half in the Perth area and the second half we move up towards Fort William.

Scotland isn't all about the paddling, it's essentially a 10 day long party with plenty to do even if you don't fancy getting wet... there is usually at least one day skiing/boarding in one of Scotlands' "resorts"... there's also ice climbing, hiking, go karting, biking, swimming, saunaing... Activities vary from year to year based on where we are staying and how many people there are. The more people that come the more we can do and the cheaper it gets!

It all kicks off with a pre scotland party held the Friday before we leave... we then meet at the shed at around 12pm on Sunday and load up the minibuses, vans, cars and trailer before hitting Pub on the Pond for a meal... for the non drivers the next 8 hours of your life will be very hazy as we head on up to the river Tay for a gentle dawn paddle before heading to a shop to stock up on the essentials, beer, food and toilet paper.

If you're just starting out don't expect to paddle every day as this is a trip for all abilities and the safety team pay the same as everyone else for the trip and so get to go and play on some of the harder rivers while everyone else finds something else to do, like skiing.

The trip normally costs around £320 (which includes all transport, food and accommodation!) so make sure you save some of your loan for this trip - the Scotland organisers (usually 2 members of the current committee plus 2 people who have organised Scotland in the past) will be in touch with more details!

The Alps

The French, Italian, Austrian and Swiss alps have outstanding white water on offer and the club head out to the French Alps after the exams in June before going home for Summer.

It's not just Kayaking on offer, there's plenty more to do while you're there if lounging in the Sun doesn't cover it!

French Alps


For more information on our trips, take a look at the Trips section.

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