Canoe Club is one of the largest and most socially active clubs at Swansea University, we even have members who just come along for our socials because we're just that good at it... don't worry if you don't know anyone, we'll take good care of you and you'll make a ton of new awesome friends.

For those of you who are also interested in other sports such as Mountain Biking and Surfing but maybe don't have time to attend all clubs, don't worry as many of our members are also in a similar situation and so organise trips for other activities.


Annual Socials

There are number of events which are held annually, these include...

  • Urban Mile - Normally the first Social where everyone gets to know one another and get a feel of what the club is like.
  • Punch Party - Try some of our rocket fuel while wearing some random fancy dress outfit, the punch recipe has been refined for over 15 years to create the perfect taste and alcoholic content!
  • Christmas Dinner  - Sit down for a formal dinner at the end of the first semester before heading to town.
  • AGM - End of year speeches and new committee elections!

First Social - Punch Party

On Saturday 29th September, we will be meeting in JC's at 7pm. JC's can be found on the second floor of Fulton House. From there we will head towards the secret location of the punch party! At the party you will get to meet new and old members while having plenty of laughs, meeting new people and most importantly plenty to drink!



One of the rare occasions we all look good, well, most of us do anyway!

The Annual General Meeting is where the new committee is announced and prizes are given to individuals.

Sober Socials


Not a big drinker? No worries, you're probably not the only one! With movie nights, walking, climbing, go karting and more, we know how to have fun while drunk and sober!